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Самый популярный автомобильный блог.
У меня есть новости про Jaguar.
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promo tersan february 26, 2013 12:54 152
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tersan From: tersan Date: March 2nd, 2012 09:43 am (UTC) (Link)
Ну... мелкосерийным :)

Now it seems that, while the hybrid turbo four will power most of the 250 examples of the C-X75 earmarked for production, a limited quantity will actually include micro-turbines as envisioned in the concept car. The jet engines (which will drive the rear wheels, so don't go expecting flames shooting out the back, Batmobile style) are reportedly being produced by the Bladon Jets Engineering Centre in Coventry - a company based near Jaguar's headquarters and partially owned by Jaguar's parent company Tata.
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